Automotive & Aerospace Applications

Freeman delivers the largest and highest quality selection of materials to create precise automotive and aircraft tooling.

Featured Products

RenShape Styling & Modeling Boards
Easy to machine and stable styling & modeling boards, manufactured by the pioneers of urethane & epoxy boards.
RenShape Tooling & Hi-Temp Work Boards
The largest offering of tooling & high temperature work boards, manufactured by the pioneers of urethane & epoxy boards.
Perfect Plank

Stable, laminated natural wood product for constructing accurate patterns, models or prototypes, ready for use off the shelf with no finishing required.

Freeman & Ren Hi-Temp Epoxy Resins
Cost-effective lines of tooling epoxies, which include high temperature casting resins, surface coats, and laminating resins.
Machinable Wax
Freeman is the leading manufacturer of machinable wax, a very hard wax designed for proofing CNC programs, constructing models, prototypes, and master patterns
Sheet Wax
Freeman is the world's leading manufacturer of sheet wax, which is used primarily to simulate metal or part thickness when making die models or duplicator models from plastic tooling.
Blind Gauging Wax
Specifically formulated and manufactured for the checking of clearances between the fan and casing during the manufacturing and maintenance of jet engines

Featured Accessories

Tooling Plastics Fillers & Reinforcements
Fiberglass fabric and tapes manufactured by Bayex, plus aluminum and other fillers.
Modeling Clay
A complete selection from the leading manufacturers of clay, available is a wide assortment of hardnesses.
TUF-Fil Repair and Build-Up Materials
The best known line of high quality polyester repair materials in the industry.


Also, check out our comprehensive selection of adhesives, abrasives, pattern coatings, paints & sealers, and mold release agents.





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