Composites Manufacturing Applications


The construction of parts from fiberglass or carbon fiber materials has been pushing the boundaries of strength, durability, and light weight.

Freeman sells a wide variety of glass & carbon fabrics, fillers, core materials, and vacuum bagging materials, as well as prepregs that are most commonly used in modern composite manufacturing.


Featured Products

BGF Fiberglass Fabrics, Strand, & Tape
A selection of common fiberglass reinforcement materials manufactured by BGF.
Carbon Fiber Fabrics & Tape
For parts going into aircraft and other high performance applications, carbon fiber offers greater strength and durability per pound than glass.
Core Materials
Aluminum honeycomb, Nomax, Spherecore, and balsa wood core materials are all widely used to add rigidity to lightweight composite structures.
Airtech Vacuum Bagging Materials
Freeman carries the Airtech line of vacuum bagging materials, from films, tapes, breathers, peel plies, and more.
Freeman Sheet Wax
For the manual creation of distal layers in the tooling stages of composite manufacturing

Also, check out our comprehensive selection of adhesives, abrasives, pattern coatings, paints & sealers, and mold release agents.



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