Foundry Tooling Applications


Freeman has long been the recognized one-stop shop for the modern patternmaker and foundryman. Whether you are machining or casting patterns, tools, fixtures, or molds, Freeman has the most complete line of materials and accessories for the job.

Featured Products

Repro Fast-Cast Urethanes
Our own filled casting urethanes, far and away the most widely used in the industry.
RenShape 5169 Tooling Board
The industry standard foundry pattern and tooling board, known for its outstanding wear resistance.
RenShape 5179 Tooling Board
Our newest foundry pattern and tooling board, offering easier cutting characteristics than 5179.
Freeman & Ren Semi-Rigid Polyurethane Elastomers
Our highly wear-resistant and impact-resistant semi-rigid polyurethanes, used extensively in casting foundry patterns and core boxes.
Perfect Plank

Stable, laminated natural wood product for constructing accurate patterns, models or prototypes, ready for use off the shelf with no finishing required.

Freeman-Palmer Pattern Plates
Manufactured from aluminum or dowmetal for both automatic and non-automatic molding machines, and more
TUF-Fil Repair and Build-Up Materials
The best known line of high quality polyester repair materials in the industry.

Featured Accessories

Core Box Air-Release Vents
A large selection of brass, steel, aluminum, and nylon air release vents.
Core Box Seals
Various seals for core box applications.
Steel and brass alignment dowels for use with core boxes and mold halves.
Mold Anti-Shift Buttons
Designed for positive registration of cope and drag halves, these buttons help eliminate mold shift.
Tapes & Embossers
Metal embossing equipment and tapes for labeling equipment and identifying batch and heat codes.
Leather, wood, and wax fillets and associated tools for creating radii on patterns and models.


Also, check out our comprehensive selection of adhesivesabrasivespattern coatings, paints & sealers, and mold release agents.



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