Prototyping Applications

Freeman offers the most complete line of silicones, urethanes, and machinable media available today. Our products help take your prototype concept to a finished reality.

Featured Products

Bluestar Silicone Rubber
An extensive line of flexible mold making RTV materials and accessories; the highest performing in the industry.
Freeman & Ren Rigid Urethanes
Our rigid urethanes are an economical solution for simulating very rigid injection molded thermoplastic parts
Ren Parts-In-Minutes Urethanes
Highly engineered rigid urethanes for simulating a variety of injection molded thermoplastic parts from the pioneer of rapid prototyping urethanes.
Freeman Flexible Urethanes
Our easy-to-use flexible urethane rubbers are ideal for mold construction, available in both pourable and brushable formulations
Repro Fast-Cast Urethanes
Our own filled casting urethanes, far and away the most widely used in the industry.
Machinable Wax
Freeman is the leading manufacturer of machinable wax, a very hard wax designed for proofing CNC programs, constructing models, prototypes, and master patterns
RenShape Styling & Modeling Boards
Easy to machine and stable styling & modeling boards, manufactured by the pioneers of urethane & epoxy boards.

Featured Equipment

Gas-Vac Industrial Vacuum Degassing Unit
Efficiently deaerates urethanes elastomers and silicone resins resulting in casts that are virtually void-free. A self-contained and durable turn-key solution.


Also, check out our comprehensive selection of adhesives, abrasives, pattern coatings, paints & sealers, and mold release agents.



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