Freeman TUF Repair and Build-Up Materials

Formulated and manufactured by Freeman, TUF is a complete line of quality polyester repair & build-up materials which features:
- Low shrinkage
- Fast setting, sandable in 15 minutes
- Good wear resistance
- Bonds to most any surface
- No-sag properties
- Good chemical resistance

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Specification Table

TUF-Fil Polyester Repair Paste

One of our harder TUF products.

TUF-Fil White Polyester Repair Paste

Our hardest and most durable TUF products.

TUF-Carv Polyester Repair Paste

One of the softer TUF products. Very easy to sand and machine.

Hi-Temp TUF-Fil Polyester Repair Paste

Specifically designed for high-temperature applications.

TUF Cream Hardener

Premium-grade white catalyst

Fillet Shapers

Ideal for radius shaping and removal of excess materials