Flat Dieboards

Freeman offers a variety of Flat Dieboards to satisfy all of your die making needs.

For everything "die making", check out our One-Stop Shop and see all we have to offer!

Premium Birch Die Board

Die Board Grade 11 Ply Birch

UV Coated Birch Die Board

Carefully coated in our state-of-the-art facilities

White Seal Birch Die Board

Stabilized with 5 coats of finish for a unique look

Freeman TruForm Composite Diebase New!

Freeman exclusive, laser-friendly alternative to gray composite board.

Freeman ProForm Composite Diebase New!

ProForm is made from epoxy resin-saturated craft paper, pressed under heat and pressure to form a solid composite.

Freeman Lightweight Composite Diebase New!

Lightweight 3ply sandwich construction dieboard for completely stable steel rule die

Ultraflat Maple Die Board

The industry's flattest maple die board

Armorplate Melamine Die Base

Melamine Laminated Finnish Birch

Ash Die Board

7-ply Ash Dieboard for the ultimate in strength and value

3G Composite Die Base

Three gray laminates alternating with Ash & Maple veneers

MDF Die Board

Our most economical dieboard

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