Flat Dieboards

In addition to supplying the highest quality pattern grade lumbers for over 100 years, Freeman offers dieboards, a variety of high-grade, economical plywoods, and specialty sheet materials that are used in a wide range of applications.

Premium Birch Die Board

Die Board Grade 11 Ply Birch

UV Coated Birch Die Board

Carefully coated in our state-of-the-art facilities

White Seal Birch Die Board

Stabilized with 5 coats of finish for a unique look

Ultraflat Maple Die Board

The industry's flattest maple die board

Armorplate Melamine Die Base

Melamine Laminated Finnish Birch

Standard Maple Die Board

A mixture of maple and other hardwood veneers

Ash Diebase

7-ply Ash Diebase for the ultimate in strength and value

3G Composite Die Base

Three gray laminates alternating with Ash & Maple veneers

MDF Die Board

Our most economical dieboard

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