Dieboards & Plywood

In addition to supplying the highest quality pattern grade lumbers for over 100 years, Freeman offers dieboards, a variety of high-grade, economical plywoods, and specialty sheet materials that are used in a wide range of applications.

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Flat Dieboards

A variety of flat dieboards suitable to multiple applications.

Rotary Dieboards

A variety of rotary dieboards in varying diameters

Freeman Pattern Plywood

Jumbo sized plywoods from 1" to 2" thick made from Pine, Birch, or Maple.

Specialty Plywoods

Eurobirch & Euroform Plywood, Chili-Form Plywood, & Russian Birch Plywood

Standard Plywoods

Birch, Fir, HDO Fir, MDO Fir and Pine plywoods

Other Sheet Materials

Masonite Sheets, Armorboard, Particle Board, Melaboard

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