Type G, Screen - Brass Body Core Vents

Popular Specifications
Brass Body (100/Pkg.) 60/70 Mesh
These vents will be discontinued when inventory is depleted. Plese refer to Super Vents as an alternative.

This vent is made with a fine 60 x 70 mesh screen. Sizes 12" and over also feature a 14 mesh screen and supporting bars underneath. Sold in bags of 100 vents.

Please see our Closeout List for additional sizes and styles available at closeout prices.

Sand Modulus Core Vent Slot Width Core Vent Mesh Size
Up to 55 AFS
0.45mm (0.014")
40 Mesh
55-75 AFS
0.30mm (0.012")
50 Mesh
75-80 AFS
0.25mm (0.010")
60 Mesh
Above 80 AFS
0.20mm (0.008")
70 Mesh