Die Making Hardware & Equipment

Since entering the Die Making industry in May 2015, Freeman is committed to being your one-stop-shop for all die making supplies. We offer a selection of dieboard equipment for any die maker or die cutter. If you're looking for adhesives, check out our full Die Making Adhesives line.

HS CITO Steel Rule

Steel rules for use with flat dieboards and rotary dieboards

Kerf Bits for Steel Rule Dies

Ultra High Performance Bits for the Gerber Profile

Ejection Rubber New!

Open Cell Ejection Rubber for die ejection applications

Rawhide Mallets New!

Tough, long-wearing, rawhide mallets

Elastomer Mallets New!

Heavy-duty, long-wearing, tough elastomer mallet

Black Maxx Counterplate New!

Tighest thickness tolerance in the industry, available in a variety of thicknesses


Specialty polyester film.

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