Other Cutters for Steel Rule Dies

1. Spiral Contour Cutters - 2-flute End-mill
PreciseBIT 1/8" dia., 2-flute contour cutters feature a flute geometry and are designed to produce clean, accurate sidewalls at very high chip loads (150 - 175 in. /min @ 40 KRPM). The aggressive flute geometry is also very effective at cutting ejection rubber for increased machine utilization.
  • Cuts 5/16 in. Freeman Premium Birch Dieboard at 200 - 250 in./min. @ 40,000 RPM
  • High flute volume supports high feed rates / chip loads
  • Cutting edge geometry virtually eliminates chatter at high feed rates and minimizes tearing and burning at all feed rates
  • Flute geometry enhances rigidity for more accurate, single pass cutting at high chip loads
  • Fish tail point eliminates backside breakout and splintering

2. Chamfering / Cutout Tools - 2 flute, 1/8 in. (3.18 mm) shank, spiral "V" point
These tools were designed with the assistance of numerous steel rule die shops that needed low-cost, high-speed tools for chamfering counter board channels and for depaneling the finished counters.
  • Cuts Micarta® at 100 - 120 in./min. @ 40,000 RPM
  • Cutting edge geometry virtually top edge lifting and fraying.
  • True spiral geometry insures efficient debris removal
  • 45°& 60° tips optimized for chamfering and through-cutting glass-phenolic and paper-phenolic counter board substrates

3. Contour Cutters / Alignment Pin drills - 3-flute up-cut
These tools are used for cutting shapes out of plywood for cabinetry, shelving and steel-rule die boards. (Applications where splintering and fuzzing of the top, or bottom surface has to be minimized.)  They are also used for drilling precision registration holes in die boards and counter boards.
  • High speed cutting
  • Fish tail point eliminates backside breakout and splintering
  • Flute geometry minimizes topside fuzz and splintering
  • Up-draft chip extraction reduces debris compaction
  • High flute volume supports high feed rates / chip loads
  • Unique flute and tip geometries supports milling and drilling with same tool.

4. Skiving Tools - 4 flute, 3/8 in. (9.53 mm) shank
The innovative center-cutting WhisperCut is the first skiving tool specifically tuned to cut composite and laminated counterboard substrates. The high-rake, 4-flute geometry insures thousands of inches of clean, smooth skiving at a fraction of the noise produced by conventional cutters.
  • 110 in./min. @ 22.5 KRPM (Micarta®)
  • High flute volume supports high feed rates / chip loads
  • Innovative split-flute, end cutting geometry significantly reduces noise
  • Straight flute geometry eliminates lifting and gouging of the substrate

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Catalog Number Description   Qty  
080650 1/4" Fractional Drill SO
080633 1/16" Deep Reach 2-Flute Fish-Tail End-Mill
080608 UHP 1/8" Perimeter Cutter Bit
080595 Chamfering / Cutout 45° V-Point, 2-Flute, Zinc Coated
080597 Chamfering / Cutout 60° V-Point, 2-Flute, Zinc Coated
080641 3/16" 3-Flute Spiral Contour Perimeter Cutter
080625 Skiving Bit 4" flute, 3/8" shank, 170' SO

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