Specialty Ejection Rubber

Gum Rubber is a durable slot rubber, or dense ejection rubber, 35-45 Shore A, used in slots or tight areas on a die. Gum Rubber has been a reliable industry standard for many years.

CITO "C" Profile Nick Rubber stands out due to its ability to give uniformly consistent ejection results. It offers 70 Shore A Hardness, excellent aging and UV resistance. Available in 8.5mm and 5.00mm widths with or without self-adhering EasyFix, white in color. Sold in box quantity, 100 strips, 27-1/2" Long x 3/8" High, per box.

Freeman Green Slot Microcell Rubber is manufactured for use in confined areas. These strips are available in straight and wave cut design with a hardness of approximately 45-55 Shore A, 86-96 Shore 00. Our strip sizes are 3/8" x 18" long and vary in thickness.

New CITOJECT Green closed cell EVA has a fine uniform cell structure that allows it to retain its flexibility & resilience, and recover quickly from compression, making it the ideal replacement for open cell T-75. Available in sheets 3/8" x 33" x 39".
SPB = Sheets Per Box

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Catalog Number Description   Qty  
081521 Nick Rubber 5.0 NEW
081800 Gum Rubber
081523 Nick Rubber 5.0 w/Adhesive NEW
081801 Gum Rubber
081525 Nick Rubber 8.5 NEW
081527 Nick Rubber 8.5 w/Adhesive NEW
081802 Gum Rubber
081080 CITOJECT F Flat Die Ejection NEW
081944 Green Slot Straight Cut Rubber 1/16"
081946 Green Slot Straight Cut Rubber 1/8"
081948 Green Slot Straight Cut Rubber 3/16"
081949 Green Slot Straight Cut Rubber 1/4"
081930 Green Slot Straight Cut Rubber 3/8" w/ Adhesive SO
081931 Green Slot Wave Cut Rubber 3/8" w/ Adhesive SO
081934 Green Slot Straight Cut Rubber 3/8"
081932 Green Slot Wave Cut Rubber 3/8" w/ Adhesive SO
081933 Green Slot Wave Cut Rubber 3/8" w/ Adhesive SO
081940 Green Slot Rubber 3/8" SO

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