Plastic Dispensing and Mixing Equipment

A wide variety of meter/mix machinery and mixing equipment for blending and/or dispensing repair materials, tooling plastics, or paints.

Pneumatic Cartridge Dispenser

Dispenser for 3 gallon cartridges of polyester repair materials

Red Devil Mixer

Heavy duty, electric paint shaker for dispersing fillers in fast cast urethanes

Miapoxy 100 Hand Pumps

Hand pumps for easy and accurate dispensing of Miapoxy

Jiffy Mixer

Used with an electric drill, this mixer is ideal for mixing epoxies, urethanes, or paints.

Plunge Industrial Mixers

Two styles of heavy duty mixers designed to be used with an electric drill. Ideal for mixing epoxies, urethanes, or paints.

Model 9 Cartri-Spray Cartridges & Replacement Parts

Disposable Cartridges will remain a stock item.

Gel Coat Mini Sprayer

Lightweight spray gun for applying gelcoats, paint, or release agents.

Kol Portable Mixers

Two models of the Kol Mixer are available. The M-60 is ideal for lightweight filler blending, where the M-61-A is for heavy fillers like RenCast 2000

Michael Meter-Mix Machines

2 machines designed for accurate mixing and injecting of fast setting, unfilled urethanes or epoxies

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