Mold Making Silicone Rubber

Elkem (Bluestar) RTV Silicone Rubber is used extensively in applications where a flexible, self-releasing mold material is required, specifically rapid prototype tooling, polyurethane casting, and general silicone mold-making.

This top quality line of silicone systems offers high accuracy, high heat resistances, and excellent tear strength and elongation properties.

Elkem silicone rubbers are available in addition-cure formulations with a platinum-based catalyst, condensation-cure silicones with a tin-based catalyst, and formulations specifically for Aersopace & Electronics applications.

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Elkem (Bluestar) Addition Cure Silicone Rubber

Formerly Rhodia Silicones, this group of silicones uses a platinum based catalyst and are extremely accurate with excellent heat resistant properties.

Elkem (Bluestar) Condensation Cure Silicone Rubber

Formerly Rhodia Silicones, these silicones utilize a tin catalyst and are less susceptible to cure inhibition.

Elkem (Bluestar) Aerospace & Electronics Silicone Rubber

Two-component aerospace sealants, Pratt & Whitney specifications and electronic potting silicones

Silicone Rubber Accessories

Silicone primer, diluent, and fast catalyst for condensation cure rubbers.

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