Overnight Cure Urethane Elastomers - Rigid

This selection of harder polyurethanes have a wide variety of end uses including prototyping thermoplastic-like parts, constructing molds for low volume metal forming applications, and making heat resistant foundry tooling. All of these products have a long gel time to provide the user sufficient time to vacuum degas prior to pouring. A 16-18 hour cure time is required before demolding.

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Specification Table

RenCast 6495/ Ren 6495-1 Polyurethane Elastomer

75D Shore Hardness Casting Resin / 245 cps / 20 min gel time

RenCast 6405-1 Low Viscosity, Rigid Prototyping Polyurethane

75D Shore Hardness Casting Resin / 240 cps / 45-55 Min Gel Time