RenShape Tooling and High-Temperature Work Boards

RenShape tooling and high-temperature work boards are designed and formulated to meet the wide scope of tooling, modeling, prototyping and fabricating applications found throughout industry today.

Throughout the line are boards for building duplicating aids, foundry patterns and hammer-form dies, metal-form and vacuum-form molds, nickel electroforming mandrels, and intermediate temperature-resistant tooling.

The epoxy formulations specifically offer products that are syntactic, pre-preg compatible and generally offer higher temperature resistance as well as chemical resistance when compared to polyurethane tooling boards.

Although the RenShape line consists of tooling boards for many types of applications, they all share a number of performance characteristics including: ease of machining, excellent dimensional stability, good edge definition and low levels of residual particles for easy cleanup.

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Specification Table

RenShape 470 High-Density Polyurethane Fixture Board

Durable Material for Heavy Duty Fixture Applications

RenShape 472 Medium-Density Polyurethane Fixture Board

Excellent Combination of Durability & Light Weight for Fixtures

RenShape 473 Lighter Density Polyurethane Fixture Board

Durable work board with good machining characteristics.

RenShape 474 Polyurethane Fixture Board

Durable tooling board for creating economical fixtures

RenShape 5166 Metal-Forming Board

Durable Board for Metal Forming Applications

RenShape 5169 Foundry Pattern and Tooling Board

Features very high abrasion and impact resistant board for machining extended use foundry patterns.

RenShape 5179 Foundry Pattern and Tooling Board

High wear and impact resistant board for machining foundry patterns with excellent machining characteristics

RenShape 5008 Syntactic Intermediate Temperature Epoxy Modeling Board

Low density board for 230°F temperature applications.

RenShape 5065 High Temperature Epoxy Board

Epoxy High Temperature Board for aerospace models and lay-up tools with high temperature prepregs.

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