Specialty Waxes

Manufactured in our state of the art facility in Avon, OH, all of our wax products are batch tested in our own full service laboratory. The quality of our wax products is world renowned and unsurpassed by any of our peers.

Sheet Wax

Used primarily to simulate metal or part thickness when making die models or duplicator models from plastic tooling

Machinable Wax

Very hard machining wax designed for proofing, CNC programs, constructing models, prototypes and master patterns.

Jewelry Waxes

Freeman Flakes jewelry injection waxes, ring tubes, wax wires, sprue waxes, and more

Wax Fillets & Accessories

Wax fillets and tools for creating radii on patterns and models.

Fixture Wax

Castable wax compound for holding, stabilizing and supporting small parts for precision CNC machining or finishing.

Master Protowax

A uniquely machinable investment casting wax

Blind Gauging Wax

Specifically formulated for the checking of clearances between the fan and casing during the manufacturing of jet engines.

Miscellaneous Waxes

Beeswax, Refined Paraffin, MicroCrystalline, Sculpture, and Victory Brown Waxes

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