Sheet Wax

Freeman Sheet Wax is used primarily to simulate metal or part thickness when making metal forming dies or punches, resin transfer molds (RTM), or any two part molds where a uniform part thickness is desired.

Formulated and manufactured in our Avon, Ohio plant, Freeman Sheet Waxes are available in three formulations; No. 266 Thermo-Stable, No. 165 Regular, and Master HT-260 High Temp. All of those formulations are available in plain back or easy to apply Adhesive-Back styles. Freeman Sheet Waxes are manufactured to uniform thicknesses of ±.002.

Note: Master-branded Regular Sheet Wax (previously manufactured by Kindt-Collins) has been discontinued. It can easily be replaced with Freeman 165 Regular Wax as it is so close in formula and performance.

For a printable brochure on our sheet wax offerings click here.

Freeman 266 Thermo-Stable Sheet Wax

Our high temp sheet wax in imperial & metric thicknesses, with & without adhesive

Freeman 165 Regular Sheet Wax

Our low temp sheet wax, with or without adhesive

Master HT-260 High Temperature Sheet Wax

The classic Kindt-Collins high temp sheet wax formula