A wide variety of materials to support the creation and duplication of parts, patterns, tools, and molds.

Clay Modeling Products

Complete line of Chavant and art modeling clays for sculpting and industrial applications.

Pattern Coatings (Primers, Paints, & Sealers)

A wide variety of coatings for wood, plaster, metal, and plastic painting applications.

Mold Surfacing Products

Complete line of polyester sealers, primers, and top coats.

Freeman Industrial Solvents

Lacquer Thinners, Acetone, Alcohol, Mineral Spirits, Prep Solvent, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Xylene

Mold Releases - Sacrificial

Full line of mold waxes, silicone sprays, PVA, and paintable mold releases.

Semi-Permanent Mold Release Systems-Solvent Based

Complete line of solvent based semi-permanent release agents, primers, sealers, and mold cleaners.

Semi-Permanent Mold Release Systems-Water Based

Complete line of water based semi-permanent release agents, primers, sealers, and mold cleaners.

Release Agents for the Rotational Mold Industry

Complete line of release agents, primer/sealer, mold cleaner, and anti-static agent specifically formulated for the rotational mold industry.

Polyester Thinning Agent

Specialized polyester resin used to thin the viscosity of polyester repair & build-up material

Gloves and Protective Wear

Vinyl, nitrile, and latex gloves, Tyvek aprons and sleeves, respirators, and cloth aprons.

Mixing Cups & Paddles

A full line of accessories for preparing, mixing, and pouring liquid tooling materials

Cleanup Supplies

Hand Cleaners, Shop Rags, & Urethane Protectant


The most popular brushes used throughout the pattern, mold, and foundry industries.


Quality Bodi hand tools used for the purpose of rolling out composite layups.

Demolding Wedges

High impact demolding wedges to assist in demolding applications.

Other Accessories

Masking & Double-Face Tapes & Kraft Paper