Fixtures & Tooling Aids

The largest and highest quality selection of materials to create precise tooling for automotive, aerospace, and more.


foam boards
Low Density Back-Up

Low-density foam boards for the creation of substrates.

tooling boards
Tooling Boards

The world’s largest offering of tooling boards.

Repro Fast-Cast Urethanes
Fast-Cast Polyurethanes

Our own filled casting urethanes are the most widely used in the industry.

Epoxy Laminating Resins
Epoxy Laminating Resins

Cost-effective tooling epoxies for quick and easy lay-ups.

polyurethane elastomer
Polyurethane Elastomers

Wear-resistant and impact-resistant resins.


Adhesives specially designed for quick and effective bonding of tooling boards.

repair paste
Repair Paste

For bonding and repairing tooling boards & fixtures.

lightweight fillers
Lightweight Fillers

Hollow glass spheres used to reduce weight and shrinkage in epoxy and urethane resins

Machine Tools
Machine Tools

High quality solutions for demanding applications