Machinable Media

This is the broadest and most diverse offering of machinable media available, carefully selected by Freeman to represent the best in the industry today.

These materials are used by leading designers and engineers for everything from styling, modeling, fixtures, and foundry tooling to prototype metal-forming and composite tooling, prototype injection molding, vacuum forming, and rapid product development.

Urethane Foam Boards

Low-density foam boards for CNC proofing, visual models, and low density substrates

Modeling & Styling Boards

Highly machinable boards with a wide variety of characteristics for proofing, models, and prototypes

Tooling & High-Temperature Work Boards

Durable boards for demanding applications such as high-temp tooling, fixtures, and foundry patterns

RenShape Cut Sizes

Boards cut to manageable sizes for the individual user. Subject to prior sale.

Perfect Plank Specialty Lumber

Highly stable, laminated natural wood product for constructing accurate patterns, models or prototypes

Rough Sawn Pattern Lumber

A wide variety of hardwoods and softwoods specifically selected for the pattern and foundry industries

Richlite Fiber-Laminate Sheets

Hard and durable phenolic laminate sheets for abrasion resistant patterns or core boxes

MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard

Economical wood and resin composite machining material

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