Perfect Plank Specialty Lumber

For over 60 years, skilled craftsmen have made Perfect Plank their overwhelming choice when it comes to high quality pattern lumber. Perfect Plank is manufactured to provide a dry, thick, stress-free pattern plank that is uniform in texture, low in moisture and virtually defect-free.

Perfect Plank frees the user from the time-consuming tasks of planing, jointing, sizing, and gluing to assemble larger blocks for pattern construction. Perfect Plank maximizes the skills and efficiency of the pattern maker, mold maker, and model maker because each board is ready for use in a wide variety of sizes.

Pefect Plank Pine is equivalent to "B & Better" grades of pattern lumber while the Perfect Plank Mahogany species is equivalent to "FAS & Better" grades.

Perfect Plank Pine

Soft species for easy carvability and machining

Perfect Plank Mahogany

Genuine Mahogany combines durability, stability and workability - the most popular hardwood for pattern and model work

Perfect Plank Alder

Economical, domestic hardwood alternative to Mahogany

Perfect Plank Jelutong

Extremely fine texture and consistent grain structure for hand carving or CNC machining

Perfect Plank Poplar

High quality, domestic hardwood for a lower cost alternative to Mahogany.

Perfect Plank Other Species

Other Woods Are Available On Request

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