Composite Parts & Tooling

The construction of parts from fiberglass or carbon fiber materials has been pushing the boundaries of strength, durability, and light weight. Freeman sells a wide variety of materials used in modern composite manufacturing.


tooling boards
Tooling Boards

High-temperature epoxy boards suitable for applications such as prepreg curing

foam boards
Low-Cost Machinable Media

Ideal for producing less demanding master patterns, models & prototypes

Epoxy Resins
Epoxy Resins

Cost-effective lines of epoxy surface coats and laminating resins.

Polyester Resins

Cost-effective lines of polyester gel coats and laminating resins.

Sheet Wax

For the manual creation of distal layers in the tooling stages of composite manufacturing

Fillet Wax

Wax fillets and tools for creating radii on patterns and models

Reinforcement Fabrics

A selection of common reinforcement materials manufactured by BGF.

Mia Vacuum Bagging

Peel Ply, Breather, Bagging Film, and numerous accessories necessary to complete the vacuum bagging process.

repair paste
Repair Material

The best known line of high quality polyester repair materials in the industry.

Sealers & Releases

Full line of sacrificial mold releases and semi-permanent mold release systems