Prototyping / Short-Run Manufacturing


machinable wax
Machinable Wax

A very hard wax designed for proofing CNC programs, constructing models, prototypes, and master patterns

Repro Fast-Cast Urethanes
Fast-Cast Polyurethanes

Our own filled casting urethanes are the most widely used in the industry.

Epoxy Laminating Resins
Epoxy Laminating Resins

Cost-effective lines of epoxy surface coats and laminating resins.

specialty resins
Specialty Resins

Expanding foam for light weight models and support structures


Density-matched adhesives for gluing up light weight foam boards

Silicone Rubber
Silicone Rubber

Flexible, self-releasing mold material featuring high tear strength.

rapid cure
Rapid-Cure Polyurethane Elastomers

Machine-dispensed urethanes of various hardnesses for rapid reproduction of prototype thermoplastic parts.

polyurethane elastomers
Intermediate Cure Polyurethane Elastomers

Hand-pourable, durable elastomers in various hardnesses that are ready to demold in 30-120 minutes

repair paste
Overnight Cure Flexible Polyurethane Elastomer

Hand pourable urethanes ideal for flexible molds and parts.

rigid urethanes
Overnight Cure Rigid Polyurethane Elastomers

Hand pourable rigid urethanes ideal for producing prototype and short production thermoplastic parts.

Release Agents
Release Agents

For clean and easy release of parts and molds

Release Agents
Gas-Vac II Industrial Vacuum Degassing Unit

Efficiently deaerates urethanes elastomers and silicone resins virtually void-free castings.