Foundry Tools & Supplies

A full line of foundry pattern plates and accessories, core vents, dowels, and other supplies.

Alignment Dowels

Steel and brass alignment dowels for use with core boxes and mold halves.

Core Box Air Release Vents & Accessories

A large selection of brass, steel, aluminum, and nylon air release vents.

Core Box Seals & Gaskets

Dike-O-Seal preform Seals, Striptube seals, & Shalco Blowplate gaskets

Freeman-Palmer Pattern Plates

Cast Aluminum Chainlock Plates, Offset Plates, Match-Lok Magnesium Plates, Flat Plates, Insert Plates

Mold Alignment Hardware

Designed for positive registration of cope and drag halves.

Freeman Leather Fillets

The industry's highest quality leather fillets.

Core Box Clamps

Designed to securely lock core box halves

Core Vent Wax

Used to vent oil sand cores of curved or irregular design.

Dike-O-Lastic Ejector Buttons

For use in hard-to-draw molds.

Foundry Specialty Tools

Mouth Spray Cans, Slicks & Trowels, Hand Riddles, Bench Rammers, Pyrometers, Paste Bulbs.

Other Foundry Supplies

Rapping Plates, Vibrators, Cast Urethane Gating Components, Brass Rod, Dry Parting Agent, Urethane Wipers & Brass Keepers, Layout Fluid, Flex-Gate Flexible Gating

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