Other Foundry Supplies

Slicks & Trowels, Hand Riddles, Rapping Plates, Brass Rod, Bench Rammers, Dry Parting Agent, Layout Fluid, and Pyrometers

Brass Rod

Precise diameter rod sized from 1/16" - 1 1/4" diameter.

Cast Urethane Gating Components

Sprues, Basins, Runners, Vent Pins, and more


Air-powered vibrators for various foundry applications.

Dux-Bak Non-Silica Dry Parting and Parting Bags

General purpose foundry parting.

Flex-Gate Flexible Gating

Strong, resilient, flexible runners for use on pattern plates

Malleable-Iron Rapping Plates

Constructed of malleable iron in various shapes and sizes.

Disamatic Urethane Wipers & Brass Keepers

Replacement Urethane Wipers and Brass Keepers which are pre-drilled for the Mark IV Disamatic.

Sprayon Blue Layout Fluid

A fast-drying, non-flaking, non-etching, layout fluid

Urethane Strike-Off Bars

Molded urethane tool for removing excess sand from cope or drag molds.

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