Cast Urethane Gating Components

Made by Dike-o-seal, these abrasion-resistant urethane products provide economical, long-lasting solutions for gating Hunter Automatic Molding Machines.

This product line features a wide variety of pouring basins, sprue pins, basin liners, vent pins, and runner bars. Made using Dike-o-seal's exclusive ABRA-SHUN® polyurethane to resist abrasion, last longer, prevent downtime, and extend service life to produce better sand molds. All sprue pins, basin liners standard basins, and deep basins listed below have a shore hardness of 75D. 95A shore hardness is available by request.

Due to the wide variety of gating components available, Freeman makes these items available by Special Order Only. Please call us at 800-321-8511 for more information.

Also, a complete set of drawings is now available online

Catalog Number Description   Qty  
178188 Stop Off Basin SO
178190 Stop Off Basin SO
177414 Mechanical Core Lifter SO
178109 Small Strainer Basin SO
177414 Mechanical Core Lifter SO
178192 Flanged Urethane Blow Tube SO
178194 Flanged Urethane Blow Tube SO
178191 Squeze Board Stop Off SO
178181 Mechanical Core Lifters SO
177400 Strike-Off Bar Style #3 24" Long w/ Handles SO
177401 Strike-Off Bar Style #3 16" Long w/ Handles SO
177402 Strike-Off Bar Style #3 32" Long w/ Handles SO
177403 Strike-Off Bar Style #3 37" Long SO
177404 Strike-Off Bar Style #3 44" Long w/ Handles SO
177410 Runner Bar SO
177411 Runner Bar SO
177412 Runner Bar SO
177302 Vent Pins SO
177303 Vent Pins SO
177304 Vent Pins SO
177305 Vent Pin SO
177306 Vent Pin SO
177310 Vent Pin SO
177315 Vent Pin SO
177316 Vent Pin SO
177353 Pop Up Down Sprue SO
177354 Pop Up Down Sprue SO
177355 Pop Up Down Sprue SO
177356 Pop Up Down Sprue **95A Shore Hardness**
177357 Pop Up Down Sprue SO
177358 Pop Up True Sprue SO
177359 Pop Up Down Sprue SO
177365 Pop Up True Sprue SO
178001 Sprue Pins SO
178002 Sprue Pins SO
178003 Sprue Pins SO
178004 Sprue Pins SO
178005 Sprue Pins SO
178006 Sprue Pins SO
178007 Sprue Pins SO
178008 Sprue Pins SO
178009 Sprue Pins SO
178010 Sprue Pins SO
178011 Sprue Pins SO
178012 Sprue Pins SO
178013 Sprue Pins SO
178014 Sprue Pins SO
178016 Sprue Pins (Red) SO
178015 Sprue Pins SO
178019 Sprue Pins 1-1/4"x10" female threads SO
178025 Sprue Pins 1-1/4"x10" male threads SO
178039 Basin Cone 1/2" Deep SO
178040 Basin Cone 1" Deep SO
178042 Basin Cone 3/4" Deep SO
178050 Basin Liners
178051 Basin Liners
178052 Basin Liners SO
178053 Basin Liners SO
178054 Basin Liners SO
178055 Basin Liners SO
178056 Basin Liners SO
178101 Standard Basins SO
178102 Standard Basins SO
178103 Standard Basins SO
178104 Standard Basins SO
178105 Standard Basins SO
178110 Standard Basin with Flat Sides SO
178106 Shallow Standard Basin 1-1/4" SO
177336 Deep-Pour Basin
178175 Deep Basin SO
178108 Deep Basin SO
178112 Deep Basin SO
178151 Deep Basins with Flat Side SO
178152 Deep Basins with Flat Side SO
178153 Deep Basins with Flat Side SO
178154 Deep Basins with Flat Side SO
178155 Deep Basins with Flat Side SO
178156 Deep Basins with Flat Side SO
178157 Deep Basins with Flat Side SO
178186 Dee Deep Basin SO
178184 Dee Deep Basin SO
178161 Pyramid Basin SO
178162 Pyramid Basin SO
178163 Pyramid Basin SO
178164 Pyramid Basin SO
177393 Basin with metal tabs SO
178176 Basin Long Well SO
178177 Basin Long Well SO
178178 Well Long SO

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