Wax Fillets & Accessories

Freeman Wax Fillets are made of a performance-proven, high melting point wax formulation for meeting a wide variety of pattern shop applications.
Freeman Wax Fillets:

- Are easily applied to straight or irregularly shaped surfaces because of their flexibility.
- Can be painted using our Freeman Pattern Lacquers.
- Produce and maintain accurate radii regardless of application conditions.
- Can be applied to bare wood or coated surfaces without the use of an adhesive by using a heated fillet tool.

Master Gap Wax

A soft wax for gap filling and filleting at room temperature.

Freeman Wax Fillets - Boxes (24" length strips)

The industry's leading brand for wax fillets.

Freeman Wax Fillets - Rolls (Continuous Roll Form)

The industry's leading brand of wax fillets.

Master Wax Fillet - Boxes (24" Strip Lengths)

Easily applied with a heated fillet tool of proper size

Master Wax Fillets - Rolls (Continuous Roll Form)

Adheres to bare wood or coated surfaces without glue or adhesive

Master Bond Wax Fillet - Boxes (24" Strip Lengths)

The wax burns at a rate equal to 1.1 pound per cubic foot density foam, thus eliminating inclusions.

Master Marble Wax Fillet - Boxes

Blend of waxes formulated specifically for the cultured marble industry.

Freeman Di-Dup Wax Fillets

Formulated for use on polystyrene patterns.

Freeman Half Round Wax

Our Fillet Wax formulation extruded to a uniform half round shape for use as registration when applied to the parting line of a mold surface.

String Wax

Adhesive to secure investment casting wax patterns to the gating

Fillet Tools

Installation tools for wax and leather fillets.

Alcohol Lamp

High quality lamp used as a heat source for installing Freeman Wax Fillets.

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