Hardware & Equipment

An extensive selection of hardware for the tooling industry, including pattern letters, embossing tapes, abrasives, fasteners, specialty equipment, assorted bit & cutters, and more.

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Freeman Pattern Letters & Logos

Used in a wide variety of mold, pattern, and tooling applications.

Scalpels & Replacement Blades

Robust all-purpose scalpel handles and blades

Tapes & Embossers

Metal and plastic tapes and equipment for labeling patterns and tools.


The largest selection of abrasives in the industry.


A wide variety of nails, screws, pins, pinch dogs, & wire brads

Gas Vac II Industrial Vacuum Degassing Unit

Deaerates urethane elastomers and silicone resins for void-free casts

Plastic Dispensing and Mixing Equipment

A wide variety of meter/mix machinery and mixing equipment for blending and/or dispensing repair materials, tooling plastics, or paints.

Cutting Tools

Complete line of LMT-Onsrud Production Cutting Tools

Assorted Cutters & Bits

Drill Bits for Wood Boring Applications

Pattern Knives - Replacement Blades

The knives of choice in the pattern trade.

Band Saw Accessories

Tire cement, pitch solvent, matchless grease stick, & replacement tires


Bessey Fast-Action TG & TGJ Style Clamps