Freeman carries the largest selection of abrasives in the industry.

For the best overview, see our
Guide to Abrasives

Abrasive Sheets (9" x 11")

Extensive selection of garnet, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide abrasive sheets with either paper or cloth backing.

Disc Sanders Abrasives and Accessories

12"-30" discs for State, Master and other large disc sanders

Spindle Sanders Abrasives and Accessories

Abrasive sleeves and expanding rubber drums for State, Master, and other makes/models.

Roloc Discs and Holders

1"-4" Aluminum-Oxide and Scotch-Brite discs and holders for the 3M Roloc system

Adhesive Backed (PSA) Discs and Holders

1"-5" Aluminum-oxide discs and rubber pad holders

Cartridge Rolls and Mandrels

Aluminum oxide cloth abrasive for finish sanding of concave surfaces of metal, wood, or plastics.

Scotch Brite Industrial Hand Pads (6" x 9")

Several Scotch-Brite abrasives available in convenient 6 x 9 inch sizes