Vacuum/Thermoforming Applications

For machining and casting of molds and tools as well as the creation of plug assists and support tooling. Our selection of machinable media and liquid tooling resins is suitable for both prototype and many production thermo- and vacuum-forming applications.


foundry tooling boards
Tooling Boards

The world’s largest offering of tooling boards.

perfect plank
Perfect Plank & MDF

Stable, laminated natural wood planks, ready for use.

Repro Fast-Cast Urethanes
Repro Fast-Cast Urethanes

Our own filled casting urethanes are the most widely used in the industry.

Epoxy Casting Resins
Hi-Temp Epoxy Casting Resins

Cost-effective tooling epoxies for high temperature applications.

Silicone Rubber
Silicone Rubber

Flexible, self-releasing mold material featuring high tear strength.

Adhesives & Repair

For bonding and repairing tooling boards & fixtures.


For preparing and sealing mold surfaces.

Machine Tools
Machine Tools

High quality solutions for demanding applications.