Freeman Pattern Letters & Logos

Freeman Pattern Letters and Figures are utilized for a wide range of applications throughout the pattern and foundry industries because of their consistent high quality and immediate availability.

Special letters, figures, monograms, logos, etc. can be made either from existing patterns or a sketch. We can also assist in designing at no additional cost to the customer.

See individual pattern letter product pages for ordering instructions. All pattern letters are non-returnable. If you are unsure which style you are need, please contact customer service for samples.

For the best overview, view the instructions on how to measure pattern letters.

Freeman Lok-In Pattern Letters

Freeman Lok-In Pattern Letters Holders

Sharp-Face Gothic - White Metal

Sharp-Face Gothic - Aluminum

Sharp-Face Gothic - Aluminum w/ Sprigs

Sharp-Face Gothic - Brass

Sharp-Face Gothic - Rubber

Sharp-Face Gothic - Plastic

Sharp-Face Gothic Reverse - White Metal

Sharp-Face Gothic Reverse - Brass

Flat-Face Gothic - White Metal

Round-Face Gothic - White Metal

Heavy Hairline - White Metal

Heavy Hairline - Brass

Light Hairline - White Metal

Deep Block - White Metal

Tablet - White Metal

Customized Logos

Freeman Pattern Letter Cabinet

Made in USA Logo