Core Box Air Release Vents & Accessories

A large selection of brass, brass alloy, steel, aluminum, and nylon air release vents.

For the best overview, see our
Guide to Core Vents

Shalco Super Vents Core Vents

Self-Cleaning, 43% opening rate

Ventistamp Core Vents

Self-Cleaning, One Piece Construction, High Wear-Resistance

Vilsum Nylon Metric Core Vents

Tough nylon material, non-stick surface

Slotted Core Vents

Type D, C, T, XD, & AD Vents

Screen Core Vents

Type G, K, and L Vents

Freeman Vent Cleaners

Cleaners designed for slotted and screen vent styles.

Vent Plugs: Brass, Steel or Aluminum Core Vents

For sealing holes left by relocated vents.

Insert Drills For Core Box Air-Release Vents

Tools specifically designed for installing vents.

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