Carbon & Kevlar® Reinforcements

Carbon fiber fabric is well known as one of the strongest and stiffest reinforcement materials available. While more expensive than glass, it easily justifies its premium when used in high performance applications. All Freeman carbon fabrics are made exclusively from polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursors, thus making them suitable for all high performance applications.

Kevlar fiber, (also known as aramid fiber) is most widely known for its superior resistance from impact, fatigue, wear, and tear. All of our Kevlar woven fabrics are made with Kevlar 49, which is the structural grade of Kevlar material for composite reinforcement (as opposed to Kevlar 29, which is the ballistic grade material).

Kevlar is used extensively in the manufacture of sporting goods equipment, marine vessels of all sizes, and throughout the automotive and aerospace industries. It is lighter than both fiberglass and carbon fiber. It is often used in conjunction with either fabric to improve the toughness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and most importantly, impact resistance of a composite part.

Stabilized Carbon Reinforcement

Carbon with thermoplastic veil backing (662) for better stabilization

3K Carbon Fiber Cloth - Plain

5.7 oz. | 50 inches wide

3K Carbon Fiber Cloth - 2x2 Twill

6.2 oz. | 50 & 60 inches wide

6K Carbon Fiber Cloth - 2x2 Twill

11.2 oz. | 50 inches wide

6K Carbon Fiber Cloth - 5HS

11.2 oz. | 50 inches wide

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Tapes

Provide the strengths and stiffness of carbon fiber in one direction only

1.7 oz. Kevlar® Cloth - Plain Weave (Style #5120)

Our lightest weight Kevlar | 38" wide

5 oz. Kevlar® Cloth - 4HS Weave (Style #5285)

Standard 5 oz. weight | 4HS weave | 38" wide