Polyester Base, Sanding & Surfacing Primers

Our primers are designed for surfacing a lower cost substrate to create a high gloss durable surface. These primers can also be used to resurface polyester molds to increase their mold life.

Duratec Base Primer

Used to quickly build-up and shape master models, patterns, and plugs.

Duratec Gray Sanding Primer

Original formula for applications that only require a moderate shine.

Duratec Gray Sanding Primer EZ

New EZ Primer is easier to use and offers a higher quality surface finish than the Gray Sanding Primer.

Duratec Surfacing Primer

Hard durable surfacing primer that produces an even higher luster than the sanding primers.

Duratec Vinyl Ester Surfacing Primer

Designed for mold surfacing applications that require high temperature resistance.

Duratec StyroShield Primer

StyroShield Primer was specifically designed for use on EPS Foam.