Mold Surfacing Products

We offer a complete line of mold surfacing products designed to quickly establish a hard, durable, high gloss surface on lower cost mold materials such as RenShape Polyurethane Foam Boards, MDF, plaster, and wood.

Duratec Clear Sealer

Low viscosity, rapid curing, two-component clear sealer

Polyester Base, Sanding & Surfacing Primers

High gloss, durable primers for both room and high temperature applications.

Polyester Top Coat

Complete line of top coats that can be applied to obtain an ultimate high-gloss surface.

Polyester Hi-Gloss Additive

Formulated to be used with the Duratec room temperature Sanding & Surfacing Primers to increase the shine of the final finish.


Products to remove scratches from and polish composite patterns, plugs, masters, and molds

Formula Five Clean 'n Glaze

Mild buffing compound for removing fine scratches in mold surfaces