The most popular brushes used throughout the pattern, mold, and foundry industries.

- Bristle: Hog bristle is the most suitable material for spreading oil-base coatings such as enamels, varnishes, stains and epoxies.
- Nylon: Tapered, tipped and flagged nylon filaments. Used with water-base coatings. They clean easily and are long wearing.
- Soft Hair: Ideal for lacquer, varnish and enamel coatings.
- Polyester: A durable synthetic filament that smoothly spreads oil and water-base coatings well. Cleans easily.

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White-Bristle Throwaway Brush

Ox Hair Brush

Acid Brush

Nylon Throwaway Brush

Molders' Brush

Economy Flat-Bristle Brush

Shoe-Handle Wire Brush