Freeman Industrial Solvents

Lacquer Thinners, Polyester Thinning Agent, Acetone, Alcohol, Mineral Spirits, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Xylene

Freeman Lacquer Thinners

90-1 Premium and 45 Lacquer Thinners

Master Kincote Thinner

Ideal for thinning out coatings and is an excellent solvent for cleaning brushes.

Alcohol Solvent

Pure methyl alcohol for use in our alcohol lamps, cutting flake shellac, and general clean up.

Freeman Acetone Solvent

Popular Cleaning solvent for uncured resins, greases, and release agents.

Polyester Thinning Agent

Specialized polyester resin used to thin the viscosity of polyester repair & build-up material

Mineral Spirits

Used for thinning oil based paints and general clean up.

Freeman Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)

(Formerly Freeman Celastic Solvent) Excellent general purpose cleaning and thinning agent.

Freeman Xylene Solvent

(Formerly Freeman Pitch Solvent) Excellent solvent for removing pitch and sap build-up on saw blades and cutters.