Semi-Permanent Water Based Mold Release Agents

Full line of sacrificial mold releases and semi-permanent mold release systems

Chemlease 2732W Semi-Permanent Release Agent

Water-based release agent for composite molding

Chemlease 2751W Semi-Permanent Release Agent

Water-based release agent for FRP Composite Molding

Chemlease 258-R Semi-Permanent Release Agent

Water based release agent for filament winding and compression molding of bulk molding compounds.

Zyvax 1070W Mold Release Agent

Semi-permanent, silicone-free release agent for advanced composite molding

Zyvax EnviroShield Mold Release Agent

Zyvax Enviroshield chemically bonds to the mold surface and when applied correctly.

Zyvax WaterShield Mold Release Agent

Considered a universal release.

Zyvax SilverShield 320 Mold Release Agent

when combined with our water-based cleaner, Waterclean, can provide a solvent-free release system.

Zyvax Composite Shield Mold Release Agent

Offers the composite fabrication industry effective multiple release efficiency with a wide range of molding compounds.

Zyvax Flex-Z Mold Release Agents

Feature a adjustable slipcoat system, fast application, feature new Glosscoat technology, odorless and HAPs-free.

Zyvax Departure Mold Release Agent

Specifically developed for releasing thermosets, thermoplastics and prepregs