Semi-Permanent Water Based Mold Release Agents

A wide variety of materials to support the creation and duplication of parts, patterns, tools, and molds.

Chemlease 2191W Semi-Permanent Release Agent

Water-based release agent for FRP Composite Molding

Chemlease 2732W Semi-Permanent Release Agent New!

Water-based release agent for composite molding

Chemlease 258-R Semi-Permanent Release Agent

Water based release agent for filament winding and compression molding of bulk molding compounds.

Zyvax EnviroShield Mold Release Agent

Zyvax Enviroshield chemically bonds to the mold surface and when applied correctly.

Zyvax WaterShield Mold Release Agent

Considered a universal release.

Zyvax SilverShield 320 Mold Release Agent

when combined with our water-based cleaner, Waterclean, can provide a solvent-free release system.

Zyvax Composite Shield Mold Release Agent

Offers the composite fabrication industry effective multiple release efficiency with a wide range of molding compounds.

Zyvax Flex-Z Mold Release Agents

Feature a adjustable slipcoat system, fast application, feature new Glosscoat technology, odorless and HAPs-free.

Zyvax Waterworks Departure Mold Release Agent

No need for ventilation and sprinkler system improvements.