Epoxy Adhesives

Freeman offers a broad line of two-component epoxy adhesives for bonding a wide range of metals and plastics. Epoxy adhesives consist of an epoxy resin plus a hardener. They allow great versatility in formulation since there are many resins and many different hardeners. They form extremely strong durable bonds with most materials, especially metals.

3M Panel Bonding Adhesive

90 Min Gel Time/ 4 Hour Handling Strength

ASI MP 5405 Epoxy Adhesive

3-5 Min Gel Time / 20-30 Min Handling Strength

Freeman Fast Set 505 Epoxy Adhesive

5 Minute Gel / 15 Minute Handling Strength

Freeman Fast Set 517 Epoxy Adhesive

15-20 Minute Gel / 3-4 Hour Handling Strength

Fastweld 10 Epoxy Adhesive

4 Min. Gel Time / 10 Min. Handling Strength

Araldite 2000 Series Epoxy Adhesives

Wide variety of epoxy adhesives for bonding metals and some plastics

Huntsman Aerospace Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy adhesives specifically designed for use in the aircraft industry

Other Araldite Epoxy Adhesives

More epoxy adhesives for bonding metals and some plastic materials.

Devcon 5-Minute Epoxy

5 Min. Gel Time / 45 Min Cure Time / Med Viscosity Paste

Dunapox Black AD 135 Epoxy Adhesive

4-5 Hr. Gel Time / 12-24 Hr. Clamp Time / 24-28 Hr. Cure Time