Epoxy-Based Repair Materials

Devcons repair materials are widely used throughout the industry because they are custom tailored for specific types of metal repair applications. These high-performance, metal-filled epoxies quickly and permanently repair or rebuild critical equipment and offer excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals, high temperature resistances, and a room temperature cure.

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Specification Table

Devcon WR-2 Wear Resistant Putty (Dark Gray)

60 Min Gel Time / 16 Hour Cure / Paste

Devcon Aluminum Putty (Gray)

60 Min. Gel Time / 16 Hour Cure Time

Devcon Fasmetal Putty (Gray)

5 Min. Gel Time / 1 Hour Cure Time / Putty

Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (Dark Gray)

5 or 45 Min. Gel Time / 1 or 16 Hour Cure Time

Devcon Titanium Putty (Gray)

21 min gel time / 4 hour cure time / Paste

Devcon Bronze Putty (Bronze)

35 Min. Gel Time / 16 Hour Cure Time / Paste


Dynaluminum is a hand kneadable epoxy repair putty


One component aluminum-filled repair paste.

SEM Multi-Plastic Repair Material

Two-component epoxy for fast repairs on most flexible and semi-rigid plastics