Lincoln Fiberglass Prepregs

These prepreg materials are available either 1-side or 2-side coated. Datasheets and SDS are available upon request.

For more information or to place an order for these materials, please contact our Customer Service department by email or phone at (800) 321-8511.

Available Materials
  • LC-E320 - 250°F cure epoxy
  • LC-E321 - 250°F cure flame retardant epoxy
  • LC-E322 - 250°F cure flame retardant epoxy high impact
  • LC-E323 - 250°F cure clear epoxy
  • LC-E324 - 175°F cure epoxy
  • LC-E333 - 175°F cure clear epoxy
  • LC-E334 - 350°F cure epoxy
  • LC-E342PG - Variable temperature cure hybrid for interiors requiring FAR 25.853 OSU/FST properties
  • LC-E345T - Variable temperature cure epoxy for tooling

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