Specialty Tooling Pastes & Resin Systems

These epoxy repair materials and paste compounds by Freeman and Huntsman Advanced Materials represent a wide range of specialty tooling materials for unique tool construction, repair, and alteration. Many of these materials are also often used as an alternative to fiberglass cloth reinforcement behind surface coats.

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Specification Table

Freeman 1010 High-Density Epoxy Paste

Recommended 1/2" in Thickness / 60 min. Gel Time / 77D Shore Hardness

Freeman 1015 Medium-Density Epoxy Paste

Recommended 1/2" in Thickness / 4 hr. Gel Time / 65D Shore Hardness

Freeman 1020 Low-Density Epoxy Paste

Recommended 1/2" in Thickness / 50 min. Gel Time / 55D Shore Hardness

Freeman 1030 Polyurethane Reinforcement Paste

Trowelable consistency / 9 min. Gel Time / 70D Shore Hardness

Freeman 1105 Pourable Foam

Urethane Foam / 300 cps Viscosity / 1.5 min. Gel Time / 5 lb/ft.3 density / Volumetric Expansion 10x

RenLam 569 Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Pastes (Blue)

Recommended 1/2" in Thickness / 35 or 50 min. Gel Time / 80D Shore Hardness

RenPaste 1250 High-Density Epoxy Paste

Aluminum-Filled / 28 min. Gel Time / 87D Shore Hardness

RenPaste 1220 High-Density Epoxy Paste

General Purpose / 30-45 min. Gel Time / 81D Shore Hardness

RenCast 1774 Epoxy Foam System

Slow-rising epoxy foam, cures at room temperature, used for tooling back-up or lightweight casting

RenPaste 8281 Granular Backfill (Blue)

Castable up to 8" Thickness / 90-165 min. Gel Time / 45D Shore Hardness