Miscellaneous Waxes

Beeswax, Water Soluble Wax, Refined Paraffin, MicroCrystalline, Sculpture, and Victory Brown Waxes


Pure, filtered beeswax generally used for modeling, engraving and coating tools

Refined Paraffin Wax

Petroleum-based, hard white wax with 140° or 150° melting points

MicroCrystalline Wax

Petroleum-based, soft wax for paper coating, encapsulating, and parting compound

Ferris 2283-A Green Water Soluble Wax

Premium grade water-soluble wax designed to capture the finest details

Sculpture Wax

Petroleum-based, soft wax that can be easily carved, has a good surface finish, and offers superior adhesion qualities

CSM Optimus 3.0 (Formerly Victory Brown)

Formerly known as Victory Brown, this wax that can be easily molded by hand and is generally used in investment casting and sculpting