HT-260 High Temperature Sheet Wax 12" x 24" / 305mm x 610mm (Adhesive Back)

Master HT-260 Sheet Wax was developed for use with casting and laminating resins that either require or give off heat during curing. This sheet wax is a scientific blend of materials that provides a flexible sheet which melts at temperatures in excess of 260°F.

HT-260 Sheet Wax can be used as part thickness in the forming of dies. In addition, the high temperature stability of HT-260 permits laminating or casting a hollow core in a plastic. This wax is ideal for increasing pattern size to provide stock for machining. We recommend HT-260 whenever an extra margin of flexibility or temperature stability is needed.

Please note that the sheets per box quantity has been changed on select sized to match the Freeman standard number of sheets per box. Please confirm the sheets per box for the each size by checking the item chart below. Prices were adjusted to coincide with this change.

Note: Kindt-Collins occasionally double-sprayed their Master HT-260 sheet wax. Freeman does not. If you want a tackier adhesive surface, we recommend adding an additional application of Sprayway 66 adhesive to our standard sheets listed below.

Uniform thickness accuracy of ±.002 throughout. 
Uniform length and width accuracy of ±.015.

Catalog Number Description   Qty  
208010 HT-260 .010" / 0.25mm STD PSA SO
208020 HT-260 .020" / 0.50mm STD PSA SO
208025 HT-260 .025" / 0.64mm STD PSA SO
208030 HT-260 .030" / 0.75mm STD PSA SO
208031 HT-260 .031" / 0.79mm STD PSA SO
208039 HT-260 .039" / 1.00mm STD PSA
208040 HT-260 .040" / 1.02mm STD PSA SO
208050 HT-260 .050" / 1.27mm STD PSA SO
208055 HT-260 .055" / 1.40mm STD PSA (Discontinued. Limited Stock.)
208059 HT-260 .059" / 1.50mm STD PSA SO
208060 HT-260 .060" / 1.52mm STD PSA SO
208063 HT-260 .063" / 1.60mm STD PSA SO
208075 HT-260 .075" / 1.90mm STD PSA SO
208078 HT-260 .078" / 1.98mm STD PSA SO
208079 HT-260 .079" / 2.00mm STD PSA SO
208080 HT-260 .080" / 2.03mm STD PSA SO
208090 HT-260 .090" / 2.29mm STD PSA SO
208094 HT-260 .094" / 2.40mm STD PSA SO
208098 HT-260 .098" / 2.50mm STD PSA SO
208100 HT-260 .100" / 2.54mm STD PSA SO
208118 HT-260 .118" / 3.00mm STD PSA SO
208125 HT-260 .125" / 3.20mm STD PSA
208138 HT-260 .138" / 3.50mm STD PSA SO
208140 HT-260 .140" / 3.56mm STD PSA SO
208156 HT-260 .156" / 4.00mm STD PSA SO
208188 HT-260 .188" / 4.78mm STD PSA SO
208197 HT-260 .197" / 5.00mm STD PSA
208236 HT-260 .236" / 6.00mm STD PSA SO
208250 HT-260 .250" / 6.35mm STD PSA
208375 HT-260 .375" / 9.52mm STD PSA SO

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