Wax-Based Mold Releases

Full line of paste, semi-paste, liquid and spray wax release agents.

Freeman Wax Release

Our own formulated wax release.

ISOKote 531

Non-silicone, wax-based aerosol or liquid release

Trewax Clear Paste Wax

General purpose paste wax release agent

RenLease 805-1 Paste Wax Release Agent

This item is discontinued. Please see Trewax Clear Paste Wax and Partall Paste #2 as the recommended alternatives.

Partall Paste #2

General purpose paste wax release agent.

Partall Hi-Temp Wax

An effective release agent for resins that cure at higher temperatures (150°F - 350°F).

Chemlease Chemwax 304

Release of polyester parts from the flange/edge areas of polyester molds.

Chemlease 5052 Release Agent

Solvent-based wax release for polyurethane foams and polyester resins.

Formula Five Mold Release Wax

Silicone-based paste wax release

White Paste Wax

General purpose paste wax release

Chemtrend PM-2901 Paste Wax

Solvent base paste wax

Chemtrend PU-14159 Wax Release

Solvent-based paste wax release agent. Alternative to RenLease 803-1.