Semi-Permanent Mold Cleaners

Semi-permanent mold release systems differ from sacrificial mold releases. Although they require more time to apply, they do not need to be reapplied every time the mold is used, therefore saving a lot of time over the life of a mold.

Freeman has a complete line of semi-permanent release agents, primers, sealers, and mold cleaners.

Chemlease Mold Cleaner EZ

Heavy duty, solvent based cleaner formulated to dissolve waxes and buffing compounds from mold surfaces.

Chemlease Mold Cleaner 101

Powerful stripping agent for removing resin buildup and wax from metal molds

Zyvax Surface Cleaner

Solvent-Base Surface Cleaner

Chemlease Sealer 2739

Robust sealer used in the composites industry for conditioning mold surfaces and reducing porosity