High Temperature Epoxy Surface Coats

These high-temperature epoxy surface coats are ideal for more demanding abrasion resistant or heat resistant laminated tools.

Freeman 935 High-Temperature Epoxy Surface Coat

88-90D Shore Hardness / 28-90 Min. Gel Time / 25,350-29,500 cps Viscosity

Freeman 955 Economical High-Temperature Epoxy Surface Coat

90D Shore Hardness / 45 Min. Gel Time / Thixotropic

Sika ES-215 Graphite-Filled High-Temperature Epoxy Surface Coat New!

88-89D Shore Hardness / 16-190 Min. Gel Time / Thixotropic

Sika SP-707 Aluminum-Filled High-Temperature Surface Coat New!

90D Shore Hardness / 23 min. Gel Time / 12,400 cps

Discontinued High-Temperature Epoxy Surface Coats

Informational pages for discontinued items. Some stock may still be available.

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