Mia Vacuum Bagging Supplies

Peel Ply, Breather, Bagging Film, and numerous accessories necessary to complete the vacuum bagging process.

Mia Vacuum Bag and Release Film

Multi-purpose film that may be used as a vacuum bag or a release film.

Mia Perforated Release Film

Release film with small, uniform perforations to permit excess resin flow through the film.

Mia Stitch Peel Ply Fabric

Nylon fabric used to create a textured surface of a composite part if subsequent laminates or adhesive bonding is required.

Mia Breather / Bleeder Fabric

Polyester fabric that absorbs excess resin and creates a uniform channel to permit even air flow to an entire laminate surface.

Mia Flow Resin Infusion Media

Polyethylene flow media used in the resin infusion process.

Mia Bagging Hardware and Accessories

Sealant Tape, Pressure Sensitive Tape, and valves all used in the vacuum bagging process.