Miscellaneous Bagging Materials

A comprehensive selection of materials from the biggest names in the industry for the construction of large, lightweight molds and production parts.

Airtech VacLeak LEQ-70

Compact economical vacuum leak detector

Airdam 1 Resin Damming Material

Extruded synthetic polymer to stop excess resin flow into unwanted areas

A575 and Dahlar® MLF 52 High Shrink Tapes

Flurocarbon and polyamide film for wrapping and compacting tubular laminates


Perforated aluminum strips to prevent core movement

Airtac 2 Mega Temporary Spray Contact Adhesive

High tack spray adhesive to hold plies in place during infusion or bagging

Tac-Strip Dry Fabric Placement Tape

Adhesive coated fiberglass mesh tape to hold plies in place during infusion or bagging

Airsweeps HDPE Paddles

HDPE plastic sweeps used to smooth and compact laminate layers

Durocast Table Top

Durocast Table Top provides a smooth, non-contaminated cutting surface